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UC San Diego Health System orthopedic trauma specialists treat people who have sustained musculoskeletal injuries. Common injuries include fractures, ligament tears, tendon tears and joint dislocations. “I was aware of a crowd gathering around me. I heard voices saying: stay with us…” - Watch Dominique's story of harrowing traumatic injury - and the medical team that saved her. Read More Patient Testimonials In addition to the orthopedic trauma clinic, we operate 24/7 at the UC San Diego Health System Trauma Center. Here, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, urologists and other specialists address all injuries associated with trauma. Vascular surgeons are on-call to handle traumatic injuries to large blood vessels that threaten the viability of an injured limb. Our surgeons also work closely with plastic and microvascular surgeons, as well as infectious disease specialists to address complicated open wounds requiring soft tissue reconstruction and infections. We collaborate with our anesthesiologists, who are able to place tiny catheters near nerves that deliver numbing medicine to allow for better postoperative pain control. Patients can go home with these catheters, often allowing for a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery. Injuries We Treat Any fracture of the shoulder (clavicle, scapula and glenoid), arm (humerus), forearm (radius and ulna), thigh (femur), lower leg (tibia, fibula), ankle, foot (talus, calcaneus, metatarsals, Lisfranc joint), and pelvis (pelvic ring fracture or dislocation, sacral fracture Joint dislocations such as shoulder dislocations, hip dislocations, knee dislocations, and multi-ligament knee injuries, and foot and ankle dislocations. Problems that may arise after a fracture including nonunions, malunions and deep bone infections (osteomyelitis)

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